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Xylophis - Light cargo shuttle Ship class light cargo shuttle.png
File:Xylophis silhouette.png

Manufacturer Info
Manufacturer OPLI-Barnard Inc.
Ship statistics
Forward acceleration empty: 4.6G (405.00kN) full: 2.2G
Reverse acceleration empty: 2.8G (245.00kN) full: 1.3G
Up acceleration empty: 2.8G (245.00kN) full: 1.3G
Down acceleration empty: 1.6G (144.00kN) full: 0.8G
Angular acceleration empty: 51.0G (4.50MN) full: 24.1G
deltaV empty: 9,781km/s full: 3,934km/s
Fuel tank capacity 4 t
Cargo capacity 10 t
Max lasers 1
Max missiles 0
Scoops 1
Hyperdrive mount yes
Crew min. 1 max. 1
Capacity 10 t
Hull Mass 5 t
Price $64,000
Hyperdrive class 0


The smallest and lightest vessel from the OPLI shipyard. It has the same design as the other OPLI ships due to technology restrictions: The prisoners mustn't get in contact with sensible apperatures that could be sabotaged. This ship is used as small transfer vehicle for people who want to have a bit of fun flying around the solar system or higher generals who want to travel to starports where their large ships can't dock without showing much radar signature. The xylophis is hyperspace capable, allowing short trips to other systems or to flee when under fire. As with any OPLI-Barnard ships, Xylophis is easy to maintain, but it needs frequent maintenance. Upgrading and tuning is difficult because the space is limited and since there is nearly no demand there are not much parts for tuning it up.

Currently, this is the beginner ship for the pilots who begin their journey at Barnard's Star.


It's main role is low range intra-system shuttle and courier. With a hyperdrive installed it can be used for fun flights to other systems or to hop away from enemies to a safe system. Due to its size it can't be efficiently used for a lot of purposes but its size makes it more difficult to detect and in asteroid field it is nearly impossible to get it. It can occasionally be seen in Solar Federation space, in independent systems its popularity is a bit lower. It's not a common sight in CIW space. In fact OPLI-Barnard ships are disliked because they are produced with penal labor.


Xylophis is a good ship for people with low demands. It is often used by hobbyists and people interested in space because it is small, easy to control and dependable. Like most other OPLI ships it has a wide margin of error, so it's ideal starter craft. It's main drawback is the very low cargospace.