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Wave - Medium fighter Ship class medium fighter.png
File:Wave silhouette.png

Manufacturer Info
Manufacturer Auronox Corporation
Ship statistics
Forward acceleration empty: 19.8G (6.80MN) full: 10.7G
Reverse acceleration empty: 4.1G (1.40MN) full: 2.2G
Up acceleration empty: 2.3G (800.00kN) full: 1.3G
Down acceleration empty: 2.3G (800.00kN) full: 1.3G
Angular acceleration empty: 20.4G (7.00MN) full: 11.0G
deltaV empty: 16,738km/s full: 6,983km/s
Fuel tank capacity 22 t
Cargo capacity 30 t
Max lasers 1
Max missiles 4
Scoops 0
Hyperdrive mount yes
Crew min. 1 max. 1
Capacity 30 t
Hull Mass 13 t
Price $269,000
Hyperdrive class 2


The Wave is a medium-sized, yet highly capable, multi-role craft. Designed by Auronox Corporation for privateers operating in and around dense nebulae and thick atmospheres, the flat, delta-wing design and X-shaped supporting fins provide extra stability, lift, and control whilst reducing drag. The careful hull design, combined with modern composite materials, allow the 13 metric tonne craft to transport over twice its mass in cargo, whilst brandishing a moderate array of weaponry. Additionally, its fuel tanks have a capacity of 22 tonnes, for relatively good range between waypoints.

Known Issues

At this time, Auronox have not admitted to any defects in the Wave's design, or construction.