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WKFO in dev forum and IRC


1- Translation of game to Turkish (and improving previous translations where necessary)

2- Bug reporting / development ideas

3- Wiki editing

4- New music

5- Minor game improvements / new features

6- Bug fixes

7- Random videos on YouTube!

8- New ship!

9- Artwork


I always liked Elite kind of games. I have been playing this game since... since the default ship was the Wave fighter and the UI was very bad (say, very early). I watched the whole game evolve with every new version. New ships, better UI, new missions...

The first time I was playing the game, while trying to figure out controls (and how to launch), I accidentally fired my weapons (while still on the pad (this was allowed then)) and the last thing I saw was a colorful police vehicle in front, accompanied by pew-pew. They got rid of me in seconds.

Then, of course, I learned to fly, navigate, to use naval missiles :), to fuel scoop etc... I played with many ships and many equipment. I did all kinds of missions. Even, there was one time where I took out an entire police force by myself (taking a little advantage using terrain).

Then I learned that this game is open source. I fell in love with the game again.

To introduce the game to new people, I uploaded some gameplay videos to YouTube (to a channel I am not willing to share right now).

I was playing in the English version, because although the Turkish translation at that time was very accurate, the rate of translated parts of the game was too low. I took the matter into my own hands and brought the Turkish translation rate to %100 for the first time in 06.06.2017.

I am planning to improve this wiki by creating tutorials and changing screenshots with the game's current version. I might even translate the wiki to Turkish if I feel like. Or the manual. Or both. I care about this project, because I really love it.

I practised manual piloting (and docking), orbiting, fuel scooping and combat a lot. I sometimes just sell my autopilot and live without it.




I like small ships and my favorites are Sinonatrix and Mola Mola. Sinonatrix can be compared with Millenium Falcon from Star Wars. Not much cargo space, incredibly high speed and acceleration + a good fighter once you get the hang of it. You always have the chance to either run away or fight. Never lets you down unless you are going head first to an entire Solar Federation police force or sth stupid like that.

Mola Mola is the smaller version of those huge million dollar transports. Does the same job, has (almost, a bit better) the same performance, but a bit smaller. But in the slightest sign of trouble, you better have your hyperdrive ready or you are done for. (You can always install a shield for better luck.)

At the same time, Mola Mola is a great exploration ship, which is why I use it. Install a fuel scoop and a class 3 hyperdrive and you can travel the entire galaxy in a reasonable time (months, that is). But you have to learn to scoop fuel from gas giants. That ship carried me all the way to the galactic center [Sagittarius A* (-3125, 0, 0)] and saved my a$$ from countless dangerous situations.

Later, I designed a new ship for the game, Lodos, as both a freighter and exploration ship, and it is my ideal ship for space trips now. Just one drawback: It is expensive flying with it.


The galaxy ends after you travel +200 or -200 units vertically in sector map.

[Sagittarius A* (-3125, 0, 0)] houses a supermassive black hole that is in the center of our galaxy. (About 25000ly away from Sol)

Fuel scoops practically give you infinite travelling range unless your hyperdrive breaks down.

According to Murphy's law; if you are unsure if your nav target is on this side of the planet or not, it is on the other side of the planet. (Or just select the planet and compare the distances)

Don't trust autopilot more than yourself.

Use your main engines to do mid-course corrections.

If you are passing by a major stellar body, take a look at the orbit map and ensure you won't end up crashing into it. They might have a massive gravitational force, your engines may be useless. Plus you will save fuel.

If you are low on fuel, make full use of Hohmann transfers, gravity assists, aerobraking etc.

Don't get too deep into gas giants. Obviously.

Sometimes when you are travelling to a far planet/station it might oscillate and drift away from your prograde vector. They are not stationary after all. Don't try to compensate too much, you will waste fuel. If you are lucky it will eventualy come back to the prograde vector; if not, don't try to "catch it" until your braking burn unless it drifts like 30 degrees or more in your view.

Pay attention to the fact that the cockpits isn't at the center of every ship. Especially to avoid crashing while you are flying big ships.

Thruster upgrades are cool and VERY useful. Do them.

If you are going to crash into the planet (i.e. the speed bar is red), start accelerating sideways with your main thrusters while trying to kill your speed towards the planet using your bottom/top thrusters (this is NOT THE BEST WAY but it is the EASY BEST WAY.) Pray no matter what you believe in (or not?).

If the distance is too far between major stellar bodies of a system, jump to a nearby system and jump back to the previous system selecting the major stellar body that your destination is orbiting.

Pay attention to your landing gear for gods sake. Don't land on your ship's hull; they bounce a lot.

Pay attention to what your ship manufacturer says. If they say it is not for atmospheric flight, then it is probably not for atmospheric flight.

(Unless it is an emergency) Never rely on aerobraking for slowing down. Only use it as a "helper" that saves you some fuel. Also (on interplanetary flights) you would probably enter the atmosphere with a very high speed so that saving fuel will be one of your last concerns while you burn alive and overshoot your target with half an astronomical unit. Or you know what? Never use aerobraking at all, problem solved. I mean it is the 32nd ceuntry, we can't still be using primitive techniques people used back in 20th ceuntry, right?

If a flight instrument reads zero it might not be zero. Uhh... Well, I mean... It might be 0,083551 but the flight computer may print it to the screen as a 0. Causes side effects with time warp and long flights. Always double-check.

The flight computer will compensate for the small force applied to your vessel the times like when you dump your urine or sth so you don't need to dump it equally on the opposite sides of your ship.


DO NOT EVER SELL YOUR EQUIPMENT TO GET MORE MONEY TO BUY A NEW SHIP (hell, this was a long warning sentence). You can't cheat the system that way + you will lose money. There is sth called "Price after exchange" (this might not be the exact thing it is called, I don' tremember very well right now). The more expensive equipments you have on your current ship, the larger discount you get when buying a new ship.

Look at the Bulletin Board before buying equipment. People sell some second hand equipment there, they are cheaper than the station's market.

If you are constantly travelling in the same faction (especially big ones like SolFed or CIW) you can join a "fuel club" and get cheaper fuel. It has an initial fee but you can save more than that fee over time. Especially useful if you are using military fuel.

If you have free space at liftoff you can get a few tonnes of rubbish/radioactive waste and dump it after you are far away from populated space. Extra money.

If you have a courier/taxi mission you can look at the trading goods and make trading between the systems on your way. Otherwise don't even try making money by trading.

Try not to take dangerous missions if you don't have a shield. Hull repairs cost A LOT.

If you have a big ship; just like fuel, you might want to carry some Alloys along with you. If you have hull damage, you can repair it by using Alloys. Comes in handy, and is cheaper than repairing at a starport.


I tried lots of weapons, but rapid-firing 2MW laser is my only choice of weapon so far. Relatively lightweight, has an acceptable damage-per-hit and it is much easier to hit the target with increased firing rate. You can kill police vehicles in fractions of seconds. Medium sized ships require a bit more, but don't ever attack large ships with it (unless they are unarmed and you have all the time in the universe). Use missiles instead. You can fire at a... For example, a Venturestar, for minutes and yet you may not be able to kill it. Especially if it has shields.

Don't fire missiles at police unless you are doing really bad. They have about 88% rate of evading missiles. Maybe even higher.

Or don't start trouble with police at all, which is better. Talking with experience, I ran away from about 75% of firefights and it mostly works better than turning around and fighting. 

Don't forget to pay your fines if you have any. Again, talking from experience, if you leave a station without paying your fines, you will have a hard time landing back there.

If you are trying to sneak to a station which marks you as a criminal, fly low and fast towards it. Before police vehicles can get to you, you will already be hovering over the pad. (Police vehicles fly upwards a little the first time they launch. They do not immediately start intercepting you.)

If you are trying to sneak to an orbital platform, fly at high speed towards enterance (600 - 1000 m/s speed at 5 - 10 km dist), brake and correct your course at the last seconds. It is acceptable to enter an orbital station with about 150 m/s in this case. Autopilot will do the rest. If done correctly, the police force would not even have finished undocking before you dock.

If you don't have a ship with this much acceleration rate, you probably posess superior shields and firepower which can protect you until you enter the station by, what shall I call it... brute force.

Easy trick for getting rid of police: If you are in an orbital station just don't go outside, wait inside the docking bay until they kill themselves. If you are at a ground stations; gain altitude, let them gain some altitude, boost towards the ground and brake just at the right moment; they will not be able to stop and will crash into the ground.


1- Make more videos of the game in YouTube

2- Compose music

3- Advanced life generation

4- 3D Modelling