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Storeria - Medium freighter Ship class medium freighter.png
File:Storeria silhouette.png

Manufacturer Info
Manufacturer OPLI-Barnard Inc.
Ship statistics
Forward acceleration empty: 6.8G (100.00MN) full: 3.3G
Reverse acceleration empty: 2.0G (30.00MN) full: 1.0G
Up acceleration empty: 1.2G (18.00MN) full: 0.6G
Down acceleration empty: 1.2G (18.00MN) full: 0.6G
Angular acceleration empty: 12.4G (183.00MN) full: 6.1G
deltaV empty: 27,465km/s full: 9,933km/s
Fuel tank capacity 1,000 t
Cargo capacity 1,500 t
Max lasers 1
Max missiles 0
Scoops 2
Hyperdrive mount yes
Crew min. 1 max. 5
Capacity 1,550 t
Hull Mass 500 t
Price $2,527,000
Hyperdrive class 7


Storeria is a medium freighter manufactured OPLI-Barnard Inc. Not intended for atmospheric reentry, and it's weak ventral thrusters aren't suitable for landing on planets with higher gravity.