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Please note: this page is old, not updated, and should be more thought of as a general outline of the direction we want to take the game in.

First milestone

Basically we want external interfaces to be stable.

  • New save file format
  • Separate Player from Ship (breaks Lua)
  • Turn Missiles into guided Projectiles
  • Module manifest
  • Convert to new UI (but not redesigned HUD)
  • Starsystem generation rewrite (plus custom systems)
  • 3D cockpits (only visual, not functional)

Second milestone

  • Gameplay stuff, redesigned UI. Dunno yet.
  • Functional 3D cockpits

Older stuff

Pioneer has changed versioning system and will no longer release a 1.0 version. Development will continue continuously with new features and fixes added, making every new version slightly better than the one before. Below is a list of what was considered to be needed for a 1.0 release in the old version-naming scheme.

Warning: This list is incomplete - and under active discussion so subject to change

Technical features

  • The save system will be changed to allow future versions to be made without breaking all prior saved games.
  • All user-interface will be converted to use the new-ui system and be driven by Lua.
  • Star system generation will be rewritten to allow partially custom systems, and to allow some types of changes to be made without having knock-on effects through the entire galaxy or system.
  • Commodity Prices (see link for more) / Economy will be more advanced (Dynamic?)

Gameplay features

  • Military progression / treason.
  • Something like the Scout missions the walterar has done, exploration jobs.
  • No hypersace from in atmosphere / or too close to a planet surface.
  • In-system hyperspace jumps to make assassination missions and piracy actually possible.
  • Alternatively a Fast-As-Light drive, Shadmar has taken a hacked one I (fluffyfreak) wrote and updated it for Paragon.
  • A reason to actually have Crew on the ship.
  • Cargo has volume, and this is what limits a cargo hold. forum

More proposed stuff

From Luomu (talk) 17:09, 1 May 2013 (PDT)

  • New, fault tolerant save system: this is the most important thing ever
  • Rewrite the HUD
    • Gather a list of components before doing any visual design
  • Controls
    • New input system: do we need one, or can the current one be fixed?
    • Current problems: conflicting binds, cannot bind multiple inputs per action
    • Remove rarely used buttons?
  • Camera
    • Add chase camera, padlock
  • Weapons
    • goals: allow more than just laser bolts (beams, missiles), auto-tracking guns and turrets
    • rewrite, basically
    • turn missiles into guided projectiles instead of ships
    • conflicts with lua trade goods/equipment?
  • Factions
    • Remove random generation of factions
    • Factions into translation system
  • Star views and navigation
    • combine system (orbit) view into star map
    • maybe other streamlining as well?
    • bookmarks, travel log
  • Missions and station interface
    • Redesign the bulletin board to allow filtering and searching (e.g., adverts have tags, as shown in this old mock-up:
    • Centralise bulletin board within the station interface (ie, everything else hangs off the bulletin board; the BB is basically the station-wide-web)
    • Replace the "standard" commodity market with multiple traders/shops advertising on the BB
    • Replace the "standard" ship equipment and servicing screens with mechanics advertising on the BB
    • Replace the "standard" ship purchase screen with specialist shops advertising on the BB, plus also individual pilots posting ship-for-sale and ship-wanted adverts
    • Allow player to buy some types of ship equipment as cargo and have it fitted elsewhere
  • Separate Player from Ships
    • to enable shuttlecraft and remote drones
    • must be done during alpha, not sensible afterwards (breaks modules)
  • Hitpoints: use generic HP value instead of mass
  • Cargo: use kg instead of tons
  • AI
    • needs more higher level stuff like basic self preservation, modules must not have to implement their own (like tradeships...)
    • formations, anyone?
    • AI vs AI?
  • Ship visual customization
  • Space stations
    • external docking
    • traffic rules (don't allow modules to let ships idle forever)
  • Ship to ship docking
  • Networking / "Fake multiplayer" Network features