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Modules are Lua scripts found under data/modules. They add missions, NPC spaceships and other game features. A module can be disabled by moving it out from the modules directory.

Official modules
Name Purpose
AIWarning Shows autopilot warnings
Assassination Mission to kill a target ship
BreakdownServicing Deteriorates hyperdrive due to jumps, provides a repair option on the bulletin board
DeliverPackage Mission to deliver a package to a station (in current or another system), with a chance of being attacked
DonateToCranks Adds charitable donation option on the bulletin board
FuelClub For a recurring membership fee, the player can join a fuel club which provides discounted hyperdrive fuel from special traders on the bulletin board
GoodsTrader Adds traders on the bulletin board (as an alternative to the usual market)
NewsEvent News event that are sometimes spawned. Fairly rare, and one must have played a while into the game (6 months in game time) before any chance of seeing it.
Scout A mission to provide reconnaissance of a system, with a chance of encountering hostile ships
StationRefuelling Automatically refuels your thruster fuel on docking, deducts a fee
System Various internal features ("out of fuel" warning at the moment)
Taxi A mission to carry passengers to a destination, provided the player has passenger cabin space
BulkShips Spawns (large) static cargo ships that hang around stations
MusicPlayer Controls all music playback in the game, reacts to various events (docking, combat)
Pirates May spawn hostile ships in lawless systems
TradeShips Spawns NPC ships that dock and trade with stations