Keyboard and mouse controls

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Main console

  • F1: Change view.
  • F2: Use the map system.
  • F3: Look at your own information.
  • F4: Select targets, operate autopilot and communicate.
  • SHIFT-F1 to F5: Time compression
  • PgUp / PgDwn: Increase / decrease time compression
  • CTRL click on Time compression icons: Force time compression
  • CTRL-Print Screen: Save screenshot
  • CTRL-F8: Quick save
  • CTRL-Q: Quit instantly


  • Numbers or click to select

Map System

  • F5: Galactic sector view
  • F6: System orbit view
  • F7: Star system information
  • F8: Galactic view

Galactic sector view

  • Arrows Up/Down: Scroll X
  • Arrows Left/Right: Scroll Y
  • Page Up/Down: Scroll Z
  • W: Roll up
  • S: Roll down
  • A: Roll left
  • D: Roll right
  • C: Center to where I am
  • H: Center to selected system
  • Enter: Enable/Disable automatic system selection
  • Space: Set Hyperspace Target to Lock or Follow Selection

Orbital view

  • click / unclick (planet or ship) sets / unsets as navigation target

In flight

  • F5: Turns off the autopilot, and changes between manual flight and set speed flight
  • F6: Undercarriage
  • F7: Hyperdrive
  • F8: Set lower trust speed
  • F9: Toggle missile / scanner panel on / off
  • CTRL click on Autopilot icon: Cycle Heading control to forward, afterward and off (note: Ctrl+F5 doesn not work, must use mouse)
  • R: Toggle rotation damping
  • Tab: Cycle through full HUD/HUD without labels/No HUD and cockpit
  • `: Lua console
  • Clicking on an object (planet, star, station, ship), will select it as a target.
  • CTRL click on a object, will select it as a target and as reference body.


  • KP 8: Front Camera / Rotate External/Sidereal Up
  • KP 2: Rear Camera / Rotate External/Sidereal Down
  • KP 4: Left Camera / Rotate External/Sidereal Left
  • KP 6: Right Camera / Rotate External/Sidereal Right
  • KP 9: Top Camera
  • KP 3: Bottom Camera / Roll External/Sidereal Right
  • +: Zoom in (external/sidereal view only)
  • -: Zoom out (external/sidereal view only)
  • Home: Reset zoom (sidereal view only)
  • , and .: In fixed view, roll camera

In external views, third mouse button rotates the view.

(NOTE: If you do not have a numeric keypad, please rebind the view direction controls from the View tab in the Settings screen)


  • \: Toggle scanner mode
  • ]: Increase scanner range
  • [: Decrease scanner range


  • T: Target object in crosshair
  • Space: Fire laser
  • M: Launch missile

Manual control

  • Q: Roll left
  • W: Pitch forward
  • E: Roll right
  • A: Yaw left
  • S: Pitch up
  • D: Yaw right
  • P: Kill rotation
  • U: Ventral thruster (slide up)
  • I: Aft thruster (go forwards)
  • O: Dorsal thruster (slide down)
  • J: Starboard thruster (slide left)
  • K: Forward thruster (go backwards)
  • L: Port thruster (slide right)

Use SHIFT + <key> to low power thrust and smooth turns.

"Set speed" control mode

  • Q: Roll left
  • W: Pitch forward
  • E: Roll right
  • A: Yaw left
  • S: Pitch up
  • D: Yaw right
  • Enter: Set speed faster
  • RightShift: Set speed slower

You can also steer the ship with your mouse while holding the right mouse button.

Use SHIFT + <key> to low power thrust and smooth turns.

Keyboard reference

A keyboard reference for Pioneer's default key bindings (PNG)

Joystick Controls

Cheats and debug

  • CTRL-I: Debug informations
  • CTRL-F10: Edit target planet properties
  • CTRL-F12: Spawn a hostile ship
  • Console: ~ or ´ depending on keyboard. Some useful commands for debugging/testing code/contributions are given here, but remember, cheating is for weaklings. However, it is allowed to restore borked saves.