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Here we aim to document little known features that developers add to help themselves in the development process, wheather that be debugging, profiling, or what else


Build debug

   ./bootstrap -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug

Ctrl+I = debug

Ctrl+F10 open planet viewer

Ctrl+F11 reload shaders while running game

To record video from gameplay (e.g. to document unexpected behavior):

   To record video directly from Pioneer you will need to add the line
   RecordVideo=1 somewhere within your config.ini file. Then once ingame
   you can press Ctrl+ScrLk to start or stop recording.


For Profiling, one needs some tools installed?

Build with profiling support

ToDo edit this to improve and make sense and be correct

Profiling: to build with the profiler enabled, simply run ./bootstrap -DPROFILER_ENABLED=1 -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebInfo and compile as normal. The latter flag is not strictly needed, but building with a BUILD_TYPE

To-do: extract wisdome from this conversation, and document here

   <fluffyfreak> Gliese852, if you're on Windows then I use
        a lot of the time
   <Gliese852> fluffyfreak: thanks, I meant the built-in profiler, it seems that
               if you do nothing, it creates a report on the launch of the
               program, and the launch of a new game [17:54:21]
   <fluffyfreak> If you're running the profile build then you can press Ctrl+p to
                 take a profile at any time [17:58:50]
   <fluffyfreak> hmm, been a while since I used it. There's two modes [17:59:37]
   <fluffyfreak> Ctrl+shift+p = is capture one frame, otherwise Ctrl+p toggles
                 capturing whenever the framerate is "slow" [18:00:12]

Using profiler

to do

Editor integration

There is support for sending Lua code from IDE into running pioneer session via TCP: