Auronox Corporation

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Auronox Corporation
File:Auronox Corporation logo.png
General Information
Company Slogan Into the darkest night
Foundation 3194
Headquarters Sol, Mars, Mars High
Faction Neutral
Employees 200
Ships built
Ships built Wave, Lodos



Auronox Corporation is a small ship manufacturer situated on Mars High in the Sol system. Due to their quality work and ships that are suitable for both good and beginner pilots they have a great reputation in the whole SolFed. Although they are situated in a SolFed system they are neutral and not associated with the SolFed in any way. That's why they are very popular in CIW systems, too. The first ship they built was the Wave, which has been taken very euphoric by nearly every pilot group in every faction. The wave is a very good ship but the maintenance demand is quite high since it has some parts that require fine-tuning.

Ships built

Other products and services

Auronox also offers upgrading and servicing of ships and engines.