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These pages are based on Thargoid's Story article.


Solar Federation

Solar Federation, or SolFed for short is a centralized imperialistic democracy, keen on expansion. Established on the ruins of the uprising that forced Haber Corporation out from Sol. It's in a solidified cold war with CIW these days.

Commonwealth of Independent Worlds

Tight, but less centralized democratic alliance founded by nine independent system. Born after the War for Hope which ended the long SolFed occupation of Epsilon Eridani. It's in a cold war with SolFed in 3200's.

Haber Corporation

Haber Corporation is a rigid, hierarchical corporate faction that once ruled Sol. It's reign was ended with a full scale uprising which forced Haber's remnants to flee and start over almost from scratch. Every Haber citizen is an employee, and the corporation controls every aspect of life in it's territory.


There are several shipyards in the universe of Pioneer. The ones listed here are companies which are not just manufacturing, but developing news ship designs, and sell manufacturing licenses to other yards throughout the inhabited galaxy.