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jameson is our IRC bot, is case insensitive, and his memory persists between startups. jameson lives over at https://github.com/robn/jameson


This documents some of the commands available to jameson

jameson can help

Since often the same questions come up in the channel, jameson can help us lazy people by answering them for us, but first he has to learn:

jameson: remember <key> <description>

for example

jameson: remember faq http://pioneerwiki.com/wiki/FAQ

but jameson can also forget:

jameson: forget <key>

jameson can be queried, for example: now jameson knows "faq", and will echo it's description, with the command:

jameson: give faq

or short form alias:

jameson: faq?

or can tell someone else:

jameson: give <user> faq

jameson can store a message to a user that's not currently in the channel. Message will be triggered once they log in and type something.

jameson: tell <user> <message>

jameson stalks people, and will gladly share the information

jameson seen <user>


jameson last-seen <user>

jameson can flatter

if user_x made a good contribution to pioneer, someone will award user_x by in the channel typing:


and now jameson will keep track of karma points of user_x:

jameson: karma user_x
user_x has 2 points

jameson can start a build

A feature to come, intended for the developers only. Perhaps restricted to trusted users.