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This text by: github.com/Thargoid

Year 2100: Overpopulation issues on Earth, Humans on Mars.

Year 2120: Permanent base on Moon established, mining of regolith begins.

Year 2140: Political dissatisfaction leads to dissolution of European Union; minor wars break out across Europe for control of resources

Year 2150:

Year 2200:

Year 2254: ‘Mayflower’ Colony ship launches, destination: Epsilon Eridani System

Year 2279: Colony of New Hope founded in Epsilon Eridani, the first colony out of the Sol System

Year 2300:

Year 2400:

Year 2500:

Year 2595: Hyperspace discovered.

Year 2600: Massive Disapora from Earth; New Hope Colony grows exponentially.

Year 2700:

Year 2714: Coup at New Hope colony, ‘Free Republic’ established.

Year 2715: Earth Federation sends taskforce to New Hope Colony, uses force to re-establish control.

Year 2800:

Year 2900:

Year 2930: The ‘War for Hope’ begins with the battle of Greigs Rock.

Year 2962: The Earth Federation smashes the Epsilon Eridani fleet at the battle of Poler’s Bridge, prepares for orbital bombardment when the overdue reinforcements from _____ system arrive, halting Earth forces.

Year 2970: The ‘War for Hope’ ends with the establishment of the Confederation of Independent Worlds, with Epsilon Eridani the capital. Founding member systems:

Year 3000:

Year 3100:

Year 3200: