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This page lists a few of the people that work on Pioneer, and their roles. If you need help with with a particular part of the game, or code or asset development, you should be able to find the right person here.

Who's who?

Some of our people, and what they know about. These aren't necessarily owners of these areas, but they definitely know lots about it and you should talk to them before you start.

  • Robert Norris (robn): all of the code, project admin, website, everything
  • John Bartholomew (jpab): all of the code, project admin, everything

Add your name and details if you consider yourself an expert in one or more areas and you'd like to make yourself available.

Project admin

There's a bunch of administrative stuff that needs to be done in a project like this. Things like looking after the repository and commit rights, the build machines, various support services (eg Transifex), managing the money, paying for domain registration and hosting, that sort of thing. That's handled quietly by robn and jpab. Yell at one of us if you have any questions.


We list everyone that has ever contributed to the project (even a single-character tweak) in the [[1]] file.