Deep Space Miner

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Deep Space Miner - Medium freighter Ship class medium freighter.png

Manufacturer Info
Manufacturer Haber Corporation
Ship statistics
Forward acceleration empty: 3.0G (70.00MN) full: 1.0G
Reverse acceleration empty: 1.2G (28.00MN) full: 0.4G
Up acceleration empty: 1.2G (28.00MN) full: 0.4G
Down acceleration empty: 1.2G (28.00MN) full: 0.4G
Angular acceleration empty: 3.4G (80.00MN) full: 1.1G
deltaV empty: 11,506km/s full: 3,073km/s
Fuel tank capacity 1,200 t
Cargo capacity 4,600 t
Max lasers 1
Max missiles 2
Scoops 2
Hyperdrive mount yes
Crew min. 5 max. 8
Capacity 4,700 t
Hull Mass 1,200 t
Price $3,773,900
Hyperdrive class 8


The Deep Space Miner is a large transport and mining vessel. It was developed for several rich mining industrialists from the 3090s until the late 3100s by Haber Corporation. The Deep Space Miner was intended to be the flagship for a new series of heavy transporters but it failed to gain popularity because pirates saw them as easy pickings. For this reason they often required escorts, severely hampering their efficiency. As the shielding technology developed, large transport ships could use strong, affordable shields, and the Deep Space Miner gained popularity again in the 3170s. Today, the Deep Space Miner is a wanted ship because it can carry a lot of cargo and is quite affordable, and has been produced in massive numbers for any purpose.

Improvements and changes

With time, the early versions of the shielding devices were replaced by more advanced shields. Especially the shielding electronics were improved to withstand cosmic rays better and allow better reliability. The Low Impact Shielding (LIS) was replaced by the more modern Sirius III-Shielding devices in the early 3160s. Later, in the middle of the 3170, the shielding technology made a huge step forward with the invention of the Quantum plasma effect. Today nearly all DeepSpaceMiners use this technology. Because several companies are producing the DeepSpaceMiner in license, the manufacturer of the shielding device can vary while the strength remains the same.

Other uses

Because of its size, the DeepSpaceMiner is capable of carrying huge masses and a lot of equipment. Therefore the first production line was especially built for mining activities. Today they are used as huge freighters, often stand-alone. Modified versions are used as homes, hotels and VIP transports.