1 Orionis Cluaran

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1 Orionis / Cluaran
General Information
Short Description A proudly independent historic colony
Faction Commonwealth of Independent Worlds
Government type Liberal Democracy
Economy type Capitalist
Population Over 317 Million
Sector coordinates 3,-1,0


Type F White star

Stable system with 25 major bodies an 6 starports (3 on surface)

07 1 orionis overview.png


"Proud World for Proud People".

1 Orionis' motto can be traced back to year 2325, as the "Evergreen" -one of the legacy colony ships launched before the era of hyperspace travel- landed on planet Saorsa. Its founding fathers vowed to never live again under Terran oppression.

This heritage still shapes the system’s values to this day : independence, pride, and freedom.

1 Orionis acively took part in the War of Hope (2723-2725), as its volunteer forces fought alongside Epsilon Eridani against Sol’s attempt of hegemony. The system is a founding member of the Commonwealth of Independent Worlds and remains politically influent to this day.

In present day, the systems boasts a strong industry and is the birthplace of many an elite pilot of the Confederation Fleet.

Travellers will also find the citizens are a proud lot : be it of their tradition, their chilly climate, their language, their gas giants...

Inhabitated planets and starports

  • Dornoch

Rocky planet with no significant atmosphere

Starport: Ardfern

  • Saorsa

Rocky planet containing some liquids, with a Oxygen atmosphere and indigenous plant life

Starports: New Edinburgh, Talmine, Dun Adhar

  • Islay

Rocky planet with no significant atmosphere

Starports: Laphroaig, Port Ellen


A view over planets Saorsa and Iona. A cold weather and a warm welcome

07 1 orionis planet saorsa.png